*Trigger Warning* This about self-harm so if you deal with this please come talk to me because I’m going through the same problem

Harry: You were sitting in your room, all alone. You always are alone now that your brother is on a 6 month tour with his band mates. He has been gone for 5 months and 10 days and he was your rock. You log onto twitter and look through your mentions and all you saw was hate and more hate from Harry’s “fans”. You start crying and look through your night stand until you find what you are looking for a razor. You look at the old scars on your wrist and trace over them. You pick up razor and slice your wrist 5 times and the blood starts pouring out. You get up from your bed and feel a bit woozy. You fall to the ground and then hear the door open and close downstairs. You start panicking and you hear someone shout Hey Y/N it’s me. Shit you think It’s Louis! He shouts again We came home early and Harry sent me round to pick you up and go to Niall’s so get your lazy ass ready! You try to get up but end up falling to the ground. Louis shouts Y/N you okay? You can’t get out an answer and then you hear footsteps and see a blurry figure in your doorway. Louis gasps and runs over to you. He picks up your body and says what happened but he looks around your room and notices the razor on your bed. He gasps again and whispers in your ear you will be okay. That’s the last last thing you heard before you blacked out. *At the hospital* You wake up to a blinding light and groan. You hear someone say Y/N you awake and you realize it’s your older brother Harry. You give a thumbs up and mumble to turn off the lights. Someone does and you open your eyes and see Harry and all the boys standing in your room. Harry walks up to you and says what the hell Y/N? Why did you do that! You shrink back in fear and Harry sighs and says sorry Y/N I didn’t mean to scare you. I just want to know why. You look at the boys and motion for them to cover over. Harry holds your hand, Niall holds your other hand, and the rest of the boys surround your bed. You look at all of them and apoligize deeply and they brush it off and say it’s fine. Harry takes your face and turns towards him and says why? You sigh and tell him all about the hate you got on twitter and how you just wanted to be the perfect sister. Harry starts crying and goes on saying how you are perfect and how he loves you and all the boys add in agreeing with him and saying you are amazing etc. You smile and say can I delete my twitter? Harry says of course and if you ever feel like cutting again come talk to me or the boys and we will help okay? You nod your head and all the boys give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The boys leave and Harry climbs into bed with you. You smile and snuggle into your brother’s side. He kisses your forehead and takes your wrist and kisses every scar. He whispers never again and you both fall asleep together.

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